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Collecting data from your workforce, IoT, and legacy software systems is only half the battle. The real value of digitizing your operations is to solve problems and make decisions quickly.

The web application provides access to all of your data, organized by your project and activities. The built in report generation and analysis tools speed up your operational awareness. Work flow analysis lets you monitor progress across your projects.

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The Solutions Web App is available across the globe on your PC or mobile device. Simple tools and easy access to all of your data can be complimented by custom data processing and analysis. Key features include:

  • Automatic report creation - quick and dependable
  • Statistical analysis and graphing to investigate measurement data
  • Map generation and real-time alarming connect you with remote operations
  • Time based filtering and graphing
  • Access media including photos, video, audio, and documents
  • Built on Google Compute Engine infrastructure for high availability and dependability

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