Develop with C-EASR

C-EASR platform as a service (PaaS) allows you to cloud enable your sensor, instrument and IoT product lines. Adoption of C-EASR will allow you to build and deliver software as a service (SaaS) to your end customers.

What is C-EASR?

C-EASR is a PaaS that provides you with an extensive set of endpoints that collect, organize, store and retrieve IoT and application data. The platform also includes a portal to setup and manage your customers. The platform runs on Google Compute Engine which provides secure and dependable data centers around the globe.
C-EASR allows your team to focus on product development and end solutions rather than data management.

  • Reduce time to market

    Built for quick and easy adoption for any connected device.

  • Leverage our managed infrastructure

    Backed by the cloud and a rich API of services.

  • Multi-tenancy built-in

    Build accounts for your consumers and enterprise customers.

How does C-EASR work?

C-EASR has three classes of APIs: Ingest, Management, and Egress. Ingest APIs are embedded in your user software (or IoT sketches) and collect data from the sensors as well as users. Management APIs can be used in your client software or in administrative portals. They allow your users to manage: their account, projects, users, and jobs. Egress APIs can be used in the user software or other remote reporting / dashboard interfaces. They give users access to all the collected data, summary information, workflow, analytics and reporting.

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Why adopt C-EASR?

Increase revenue and profit.

Once you have enabled your software, you can begin deploying the software as a service (SaaS) as a free or paid subscription. C-EASR includes a customer setup application where you can view and create multiple tenants for your SaaS. You can control access to different API features.

Know your market.

C-EASR gives you insight about your customer behavior and use of product. Awareness of your customer use cases will drive better product development and more efficient marketing efforts.

Scale up on demand.

C-EASR is fast, scalable, and highly available across the globe. If your existing product or new release becomes popular, your data management challenges can become problematic. C-EASR eliminates the delays and costs of data management for a growing product line.

Improve the value of your products.

C-EASR provides complete contextual management to your end user. Where did data come from? Who was involved? When was it collected, processed, or reported on? Why was the information collected? These questions are all managed by the platform’s data management architecture.