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Digital Environment builds innovative solutions to perform environmental monitoring, environmental surveying, and remote engineering / collaboration. Our mobile applications connect with portable/digital environmental sensors and allow users to stream sensor data and other vital information to our cloud platform. Our web applicaiton and analytic tools allow users to remotely access the collected data for analysis, support, and remote subject matter expertise.

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Remote workers with managers - Technicians with engineers - Patients with care providers.


With custom forms and GPS tracking - With adoption of mobile sensors - With rapid analytics.

Powerful data collection in the palm of your hand

SmartENV provides a flexible interface for remote staff or clients. A wide variety of sensors and instruments can be integrated with your smart phone. These data sources are streamed to the Digital Environment cloud and available for immediate insight.

Mobile flexibility improves the efficiency of your teams and greatly reduces the time needed to determine workflow actions, giving teams the ability to roam while they work produces rich mapping of conditions.

Immediate access and insight.

Collecting data from your workforce, IoT, and legacy software systems is only half the battle. The real value of digitizing your operations is to solve problems and make decisions quickly.

The web application provides access to all of your data, organized by your projects and activities. The built-in report generation and analysis tools speed up your operational awareness. Workflow analysis lets you monitor progress across your projects.

Custom Forms and GPS Tracking

Build customized forms and track activities and entries with built-in GPS tracking and custom forms.

Rapid Analytics

Monitor workflow, track user progress, process data, analyze results, and provide reports.